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Kütahya İl Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü

Neredeyim: Bird watching

Bird watching

Bird watching

  The Altıntaş Plain defined by the , to the south of Kütahya is one of the last habitats of the bustard in . The species called ‘Toy’ is on the edge of extinction and actively protected by the agency of the UN and The Turkish Central Hunting Commission.

is located on the North end of Yazılıkaya Plateau, which is in the middle of , Kütahya and Afyonkarahisar plains. That mountain has a rich collection of birds of prey. ’s largest population of black vultures is found there. Other species includes in this important bird habitat are; black stork, bearded vulture, and small eagle. Also to be found there falcons, red vultures, hawks, sparrow hawks, small forest eagle and shah eagles.

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